Real estate development

This comprises all the activities in the real estate business; from market analysis, evaluation, coordination, the project management, the construction stage and the post-sale stage.


  • Real Estate Advisory

    We give expert advice in any area of residential or commercial construction. We can do the market survey, the evaluation of the project supporting our clients in their business decisions.

  • Project Development

    We bring our technical experitise to the table to coordinate and plan the different stages of the project from its inception through to the development.

  • Project Management

    Our service is focused on providing support during the development of the work from the tender or contracting of works, the budget for the project, technical coordination, acquiring permits, the approval of invoices and payments etc.

  • Post Sale

    Our objective is to deliver quality service to help new owners to deal with any problem in their new home that may arise due to an error in the construction process or any other responsibility.